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Update: What is New?

Hello dear visitors!
There aren't that much updates yet but still we're gonna be talking about it what we did update.

We have updated ATEEZ kpop profile with Crazy Form and we have been quite busy with the ATEEZ section We have added Pirate King, Treasure, Say My Name to the ATEEZ Screencaps, there will be more screencaps of ATEEZ MV's but we will be doing them in order.

We also have added IVE as a new kpop profile. So far we have one wallpaper of IVE and screencapped Eleven and Love Dive to the screencaps. There will be more but as said here above, we're doing it in order and not in one time.

That was it for the updates so far, as said before we don't take any form of requests.
Team Dorkistic wishes you a nice day.

DATE: 12/31/2023 COMMENTS:
So glad you’re coming back. We need more of us around

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