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Dorkistic Design is a site which offers you free graphics including wallpapers, avatars and layouts featuring your favourite idols. Apart from that, we also provide news, organize projects and giveaways for our visitors for events related to Asian Idols and Celebrities in Malaysia.

In 2011, we changed our name to Dorkistic.Net when we received a domain gift from Nekonette and now Dorkistic.Net has two teams working on separate jobs. The Designing Crews are those who are responsible in changing layout, do updates on the site, as well as making contents. The Media Crews are those who are responsible in covering events for Dorkistic.Net, and do live-update during events.


Dorkistic Design started off in 2006 with the objective to provide free MySpace graphics featuring my  favourite groups; MCFLY, BUSTED and SON of DORK. I received requests to make contact tables, icons and MySpace layouts. During the first two years, there were no staff, only me, Chazzie. It started pretty slow but the request starts to grow after a few months. In 2008, Dorkistic has emerged as a new site, after a very long hiatus. The comeback includes a major revamp as we're providing wider range of graphics and features other artists especially K-pop idols and also started accepting large numbers requests.

In 2009, Dorkistic expands its wings by having three new members in the family, and although one member left later in that year, until today, we have three dedicated cdesigners who are working hard to cater our visitors' requests. For the record, we usually receive at least ten to thirty layout requests per week. We also have a team of media correspondence (Phoebe, Saudah) who will do coverage for any events held in Malaysia and overseas.

Being a Asian Music - based layout site, we also share our love with the visitors by updating news on Asian-related events in Malaysia, including Korea, Taiwan and Japan. We will do live updates, as well as fan projecta to those who are coming to Malaysia. We receive lots of participation from fans all over the country and this project is a way for Dorkistic to help the overseas fans to show their support to their idols.

Apart from Malaysia, we have been to Singapore and Thailand to cover events there, and our upcoming event coverage will be in Europe. We hope that this can expand our network, as well as help us to improve our skills in doing media coverage.

Apart from K-pop idols, we are also supporting our very own talents, by covering their events, as well as promoting their albums. Among the local idols that we are supporting are Henley Hii, Soo Wincci, FS (Fuying&Sam), Alvin Chong, and Eunice Hoo. 


I was a big fan of Son Of Dork, and consider myself as a dork. I'd like to have a name with adjectives like fantastic, bombastic, so I came out with DORKISTIC.

{ About Dorkistic Design }

Name : Dorkistic Design
Since : May 2006
Current Edition : #48
Past Layouts:
Edition #1 - Son of Dork {Official Opening}
Edition #2 - JC Chasez
Edition #3 - McFly
Edition #4 - Vince Chong (Akademi Fantasia)
Edition #5 - Mcfly/Jonas Brothers/Mandy Moore/Westlife Collage
Edition #6 - TVXQ
Edition #7.2 - SUPER JUNIOR H [KANGIN]
Edition #7.5 - SUPER JUNIOR H [YESUNG]
Edition #9 - SHINEE
Edition #10 - SHINEE
Edition #11 -SMASH
Edition #12 - SMASH
Edition #13 - SHINEE
Edition #14 - 2AM + WONDER GIRLS
Edition #15 - TVXQ
Edition #16 - FT ISLAND
Edition #17 - YOUNHA
Edition #18 - SHINEE
Edition #19 - FT ISLAND
Edition #20 - BIG BANG
Edition #21 - RANDOM BRUSHES
Edition #22 - SHINEE
Edition #23 - SS501
Edition #24.1 - SHINEE {JONGHYUN}
Edition #24.2 - SHINEE {TAEMIN}
Edition #24.3 - SHINEE {ONEW}
Edition #24.4 - SHINEE {KEY}
Edition #24.5 - SHINEE {MINHO}
Edition #24.9 - ELI & DONGHO {REVAMP/HIATUS version}
EDITION #27 - 2PM's Hwang Chansung
EDITION #30 - U-KISS (4th year anniversary + Malaysia FM Special)
Edition #32 - KHJ and KIBUM {Brotherhood special)
Edition #33 - ZE:A (Malaysia FM's Special)
Edition #34 - PARK JAEBUM (Malaysia's FM Special)
Edition #35 - CUBE ENTERTAINMENT's Idols (New Year's Special)
Edition #36 - PARK JUNGMIN (Malaysia FM Special)
Edition #37 - INFINITE's Sunggyu and Woohyun
Edition #37.5 - INFINITE (revamp mode)
Edition #38 - F(x) (5th year anniversary)
Edition #39 - SHINEE (Revamp Mode)
Edition #40 - JUNG YUNHO
Edition #41 - TEEN TOP (pre-dorkistic.net)
Edition #42 - CHOI SIWON (Dorkistic.Net launch)
Edition #42.5 - DGNA {Revamp Mode}
Edition #43 - FT ISLAND
Edition #44 - Lee Seunggi {2013 New Year Special}
Edition #45 - B1A4 {6th Anniversary Special}
Edition #46 - Revamp Banner
Edition #47 - Tiffany Hwang
Edition #48 - Vixx {Malaysia 2012 Fanmeeting Special}
Edition #49 - Nuest and Orange Caramel {Nu'est Malaysia Fanmeeting Special}
Edition #50 - Lunafly {Malaysia and Singapore Showcase Special}
Edition #51 - A-Prince {Singapore Showcase Special}
Edition #52 - Vixx {Vixx 1st Anniversary, Dorkistic's 7th Anniversary}
Edition #53 - Exo XOXO Edition
Edition #54 - Vixx Milky Way Malaysia Showcase 2013 special
Edition #55 - Exo {temporary revamp layout}
Edition #56 - Infinite {8th Anniversary Special)
Edition #57 - DGNA {1st Malaysia Showcase Special}
Edition #58 - LU:KUS {Debut special}
Edition #59 - Bangtan Boys
Edition #60 - Monsta X{Debut special}
Edition #61 - Vixx N {Birthday Special}
Edition #61.5 - Vixx Hyuk {Birthday Special}
Edition #62 - Red Velvet + Taemin
Edition #63 - Got7
Edition #64 - Lu:Kus (Comeback Special)
Edition #65 - A-Pink
Edition #66 - Vixx (Chained Up Comeback Special)
Edition #65 - Henley Hii (Comeback Special)

{ Fan Projects }

This project was held in June 2010 when U-Kiss came to Malaysia for their first fanmeeting. We collected 50+ short messages from Dorkistic's visitors and then give it to each members of U-kiss, along with gifts and banners. We feature U-Kiss on our layout for the whole month.

This project was held in September 2010 when ZE:A came to Malaysia for their fanmeeting. This time, we collected letters from the fans and print them out and compile it and pass it to the boys. We also give them food and small gift to the members. We featured ZE:A on our layout to show our support to the boys in their fanmeeting.

Held in December 2010 in conjunction with Jay Park's Fanmeeting, we collected fan's artworks and banners and compile it to give to Jay Park and also her crews, the AOM Crews. along with the artworks and banners, we gave them a t-shirt each to all 7 members of AOM.

{ Site Projects }

1. 100ICONS PROJECT : Nana Unnie and Chazzie collaborated and upload 100 icons each person featuring various k-pop artist.
2. SHIM CHANGMIN'S BIASED PROJECT : Being our favourite member, we uploaded 30+ wallpapers featuring TVXQ'a Shim Changmin on his birthday in 2009.
3. FEISTY'S TOP SITES : Collaborate with Feisty Princess to have an online radio show listing top 5 websites voted by the visitors.
4. "SJM IS PERFECTION" PROJECT : Collaboration with NineCreativity making icons in conjunction with Super Junior M's comeback
5. "ICON COLLAB" : A Collaboration with Blissful Sins making icon sets featuring Big Bang and shinee.

As the site is still growing, there are many other events and projects done by us. We are open for suggestion, positive criticism and ideas from our visitors in order for us to provide better service in the future.

We can also be reached here:
E-Mail : dorkistic_design[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot[uk
Twitter : http://twitter.com/dorkistic
Facebook : http://facebook.com/dorkistic


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