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Welcome to Dorkistic.Net, a website which provides you with free high quality layouts, graphics and resources. Established since 2006, we are focusing on making graphics and providing you with the latest concerts and events held in Malaysia and nearby countries, bringing you the exclusive coverage and also photos from the events.

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Happy weekend every one! The weather is pretty nice here in Malaysia which invites lots of outdoor activity but nah, I am staying home doing some housechores T_T Anyway, let's go straight to our freebies today, we have two layouts which is pretty easy to use if you are using Blogger Classic Template. The whole layout is also simple and clean.

The first one is featuring ASTRO which is suitable for a personal blog, especially to AROHA (Astro's fandom name) out there. It has bright colours too, which really suit the summer feelings, and we also added a video of one of their performances on the sidebar. Click on the image for preview, and click DOWNLOAD if you want to use it on our blog ^^

This one featuring Yubin is one of my favourites, because it is clean, and you can use it for personal blog, online media or even as a Yubin Fansite layout. If you have a fanbase and wanted to order from us, I would recommend this layout style because it looks neat and easy to handle too. On top of that, you can add your own sitename on the header too. We have two versions of this layout which is for Blogskin, and also HTML.

Which one do you like of these two? I hope many people will like these layouts just like our previous layout freebies too ^^ Enjoy your weekend!

Check out WOWBEAT's new layout and you'll going to love it!


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[RESOURCES] 12 Dark GrungyTextures
Hello everyone! It's been a while since we share our resources, so here we have 12 large textures which you can use to edit your graphics. There are dark grungy textures which is suitable to be added on your blends or layouts. Click on the image for the full size, and do share with us the graphics you made using the textures. Below is the example of a wallpaper we made using the textures, and it's featuring the beautiful A-Pink Leader, Chorong. Have a great weekend!

12 Dark Grunge Textures

  • Do not redistribute or claim as your own
  • Flower PNG from BlackyAisa
  • Use sharing link to share the textures on your page/SNS accounts
  • Sharing link: http://www.dorkistic.net/2016/07/resources-12-dark-grungytextures.html


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INX: (from left) Junyong, Bonkuk, Jinam, Sangho, Win

5-member boy group, INX is set to debut in August, as revealed by their company, NA Entertainment. The group were announced to debut last year, but somehow did not debut as planned. However, they recently made the fans surprised with a “coming soon” sign on their SNS accounts, and started revealing member teasers this week. There are five whole new line ups and based on the teaser, they are all got the visual, and they have receive lots of attention even before debut. As announced on the Fancafe and Official Facebook account, INX is set to debut in August 2nd, 2016

Even though they are yet to officially debut, the members, Sangho (leader), Jinam, Junyong, Bonkuk and Win are performing in China for a few events, and the company was surprised by the attention gained towards INX. Check out their teaser photos below, and follow the Malaysian fanbase of INX, MY INX5 to get the latest news and info on them!

TWITTER ACCOUNT: http://twitter.com/INX_official (@INX_OFFICIAL)
FANCAFE: http://cafe.daum.net/INXofficial
INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/INX_official

EMAIL: inxmalaysia@outlook.com
TWITTER: http://twitter.com/my_inx5 (@MY_INX5)


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