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Welcome to Dorkistic.Net, a website which provides you with free high quality layouts, graphics and resources. Established since 2006, we are focusing on making graphics and providing you with the latest concerts and events held in Malaysia and nearby countries, bringing you the exclusive coverage and also photos from the events.
  • RoadBoyz Showcase in MY [08.13 & 14]
  • Roy Kim Promo Tour [08.26]
  • April at K-Food Fair [08.27]
  • Kang Haneul Meet and Greet [08.27]
  • Dean Malaysia Promo Tour [09.10]
  • AIM Chinese 2016 [09.12]


SNUPER: Members Twitter ,Official Twitter, Malaysian Fanbase

[FREEBIES] 5 Small Blogger Headers
How days go by and it's almost midweek! Thank you for those who visited and commented on the layout. I personally was not very confident with it because it is so bright and I'm not really into making bright layouts. I will respond to your comments right after this update. A quick announcement: our webshop will only be accepting Blogger-based and SNS requests. Any PHP, Tumblr and Wordpress order might have slight delays because they usually take a long time to code and most of Dorkistic designers are busy making fankits for upcoming K-Pop events in Malaysia, as well as covering the events. Visit our webshop to check our latest onliners and to order your custom SNS or Blogger stuff ^^

With this update, we have 5 Blogger headers (800px X 300px) featuring the K-Pop male idols. The highlight here is LR header because it's going to be LR 1st Anniversary tomorrow. The header is suitable for those who are using Blogger template called Simple. If you are using it with your own coded template, don't forget to credit Dorkistic as the header designer. Hope you like them!


A few updates by our affies:
WOWBEAT - A perfect layout featuring Vixx! you will love it, really!
VIZUNE - New PNG and Wallpaper
UKDEVILZ - Updated Halloween page and tutorials
STAR DROPS - Lots of updates and even contests
CHASING INFINITY - Vote for your favourite icons now! (not affie but vote for our affies there!)


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[UPDATE] SUMMERTIME! and Free Layouts
2016.08.12 - Greetings every one! I hope your eyes are not blinded when you enter the site just now. We went from having super dark layout to a super bright layout to celebrate summer, and to suit the bright and hot August (oh look, it's raining as I was writing this! first rain for the week!) The layout is featuring the original trouble-makers, B.A.P who just had a come back with a song That's My Jam. And to match the bright layout, we have Snuper's latest music video, You=Heaven as our featured video at the moment. Many Korean idols are making comebacks this month, and we have a really hard time to decide who to feature XD

Following the new layout, we also have three layout freebies for you, which are Bangtan Boys, Monsta X and Cupcake-themed Blogger layout. Do send us an email if you want us to change it to Tumblr, Wordpress or HTML version for free. Click the image for full preview and click the download button to get it (with terms and conditions apply)

Two events are happening tomorrow in Malaysia: iKON Concert as well as RoadBoyz Showcase in Malaysia. Those who are going, stay safe and enjoy. So what do you think about the layout? Comment on the post and share your thoughts ^^

Check out B.A.P's That's My Jam MV below and have a great weekend!

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Guess who's coming to town?
26th August proved to be a big day for K-Pop fans! Roy Kim 로이킴 will be in Malaysia soon! Check out the details below!

Showcase details :
Date : 26th August , 2016
Time : 7.30pm
Venue : Paradigm Mall, Upper Atrium, Level UG.
Organiser: Warner Music Malaysia


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