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Welcome to Dorkistic.Net, a website which provides you with free high quality layouts, graphics and resources. Established since 2006, we are focusing on making graphics and providing you with the latest concerts and events held in Malaysia and nearby countries, bringing you the exclusive coverage and also photos from the events.

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[22062016] B.I.G Icons and Mobile Phone Wallpapers
Hey everyone! Thank you for liking the icons, and we are happy to see the numbers of downloads from the recent HTML layouts that we uploaded featuring GOT7 and Mamamoo. We will try to design more layouts like that. It gives us ideas that you guys prefer simply layouts for blogger, and more detailed blends for HTML layouts.

Today, we have 15 icons and 5 (plus 2) mobile phone wallpapers featuring B.I.G. They recently had a comeback with an interesting title song, Aphrodite. The song totally defines B.I.G and  you will like the beat especially the dance break. Check out the MV below, and the freebies!


(click image to enlarge)

And here's the plus 2, as this was made a month ago when they made a comeback for personal use and it is here to be shared with you too ^^


Hope you like today's freebies and please follow the rules =)

  • Do not redistribute or claim as your own
  • Use sharing link to share the freebies outside this site
  • Sharing link: http://www.dorkistic.net/2016/06/22062016-big-icons-and-mobile-phone.html

B.I.G Photos from: GH Official website

Our affiliate, LoveCraft is back! Check out her new layout here ^^


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[18062016] Male Idols Icons
Happy weekend everyone! Here's a quick freebies for you!




VIXX Twitter Cover
(click to enlarge)

  • Do not redistribute or claim as your own
  • Use sharing link to share the icons on  your SNS or website
  • Sharing link: http://www.dorkistic.net/2016/06/18062016-male-idols-icons.html

And please welcome our new affiliates:

VIZUNE - I have been a huge fan of Vizune since before Dorkistic opened years ago. In fact, Vizune is one of the inspirations behind the opening of this website. We are honoured to be affies with them. Visit Vizune for anime graphics, amazing tutorials and lots of awesomeness brought to you by the owner, Sasha!

HEART STATION - Another site offering lots of stuff for you and your site! Owned by Mireu, Heart Station offers anime AND k-pop icons, bases other graphics as well as resources. Be sure go visit her and check out her content!


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[15062016] HTML LAYOUT - GOT7 and MAMAMOO
Hey everyone, we are back with the first freebies after the comeback and this time it is HTML layouts, not the usual Blogger layout we share before. It is featuring Got7 and Mamamoo, and they both have totally different concept. You can use Mamamoo layout to celebrate the summer as they are bright and colourful layout, while Got7 layout is more simple, but clean. Click the download link and please follow the rules when you upload it. Enjoy the layouts!

And we have these icons to match the layout too:


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