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Updates: What is new

Hello everyone,
How is everyone doing? did you do something fun since our last update?
This time we have a bit of bigger update for you. So what is new?

So we have added a few kpop profiles back on the website that we have made before and made a menu for the graphics. The first one we have added back is HELLOVENUS Kpop Profile and we don't have icons (yet) of HELLOVENUS but we added it to the menu anyways. 

The wallpaper that we have made before of HELLOVENUS is also back on the website and we have added two MV screencaps: Venus and What Are You Doing Today?.

We also have added back the BTS Kpop Profile and have made the menu. we have added the BTS icons back. The older wallpapers that we have made of BTS are also back online and we have added No More Dream Screencaps.

There are more updates with screencaps, we will list them below.
ATEEZ - Hala Hala
IVE - After Like
Somi - What You Waiting For 

DATE: 2/04/2024 COMMENTS:

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