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PREMADE 2 : 8 New Premades up for grab!

(click image for full size)



Premade sales is back! This time we have 8 new designs for you to choose from, featuring various Korean idols including Girls Generation, IU and Exo. To order, just comment on this post with your email and the premade idol name that you want. We will send you a larger preview to your email, and once the payment is made, we will send you the coding. You can choose the coding from Blogger, Tumblr, HTML, or PHP.

From top left: IU, Luna, CLC
From Bottom Left: Tiffany, Baekhyun, Amber
Single preview: GOT7, Hyunah


DATE: 11/19/2015 COMMENTS:
OMG, why, why, whyyy!?!?!
You have stop doing this, and being so good at this; I can't survive this, it's too awesome!!
Oh, God, I'm sure I'll end up buying many of them. ^.V
As I told you, I'm snatching some of the designs above, namely the 6 ones in the first image - it is really your fault, you should be less good at it. :P
Anyway, here are the data.

NAME: Lucien
EMAIL: luciensabre@gmail.com (not PayPal, for details)
SITENAMES: I will write them myself (using pixel fonts, to avoid ruining the designs)
WHICH LAYOUT: The 6 designs in the first image.

Total is $3, right? Waiting for your comfirmation before sending the money.
I saw your comment on Asterism; thank you for this, I'm sending the $3 right after writing this comment. :)

You're attempting to my sanity, that's no godd. xD xD

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