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13082012 - 6 Layouts Uploaded

Hello everyone! Thank you for visiting Dorkistic.Net and thank you for still not forgetting us XD With the comeback, we have a list of new affiliates, and also new worth visiting websites. Do click WWW to check them out ^^ It's 4am here in Malaysia and so I spent 3 hours coding free layouts for you. There are 6 new layouts for you to download, and if you are using webs, or PHP, just email us to get the layout code in HTML or PHP. I have them in my folder but I didn't upload it XD Apart from that, I also added a new section which is Layouts by Ninechan. Nine has been providing free layouts on our behalf when we are away, and she's been contributing lots of them. Just click the link to check out the layouts by her. Soon, I will also add Contributions and Collaborations for layouts submitted by you, or if you want to collaborate with any of the crews in making free layouts. In the mean time, check out our latest layout addition, and here are the previews:

Coming up : B.A.P, Taemin of Shinee, Exo M and Boyfriend!

DATE: 8/13/2012 COMMENTS:
Hey thanks for the feedback! <3 I also like your layout! Nice to see other sites that love Kpop as much as I do or even more O:
Congrats on the opening, your website looks great. Good job :) I added both your websites to my affiliates BTW
Dear, did you receive my email to you about the domain expiry?

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