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Hey everyone! just so you know, I'm doing better now. No more sadness and tears, because I believe that everything happened must have the reason behind it.. a good reason..therefore, Jay (VST) and I came out with this idea.. let's show our support to Jay.

We're inviting our friends and affies to feature PARK JAEBUM in our new layout a.s.a.p in either your personal blog or your site. You can also feature him @ your twitter background, plurk layout, myspace and friendster. You have until 25 September to put them up, submit ur site here and then after that, everyone who featured Jay will be promoted @ DD's next update. You are free to request at DD, even though you only used your previous layout for one day. This is for Jay, so if you request again for Jay's layout, I'll automatically accept it. If you have layouts and don't know how to code, you can send it to me and I'll code it fore you. I'll make extra layouts too and put it below so that you can use it, in case you don't have time to make your own layout. LAYOUT REQUEST WILL BE CLOSED ON 19th SEPTEMBER.

Help promote our little project. You can use the banner here, or make your own and spread the news to your friends and affies

Once you uploaded your layout, please click COMMENT below and fill in this form and submit it here:

Site/Twitter/blog/plurk/Myspace/Friendster URL: (the one that feature Jay only)

I hope to see as many people joining this project! This project is dedicated to all 2PM fans, Jay and fellow 2PM members, and specially dedicated to Bobo, our renowned Jay's Love!


free-plurk1.png (235 KB) free-plurk2.png (363 KB)

* click on image to download. for plurk use, make sure you logged in first.

{edit: those who requested, please check your inbox because I'll be sending them to your emails}

DATE: 9/09/2009 COMMENTS:
Name: Christina HEO BoBoLi0us
Site/Twitter/blog/plurk/Myspace/Friendster URL: BLOG URL
Name: Teriyaki18
Site/Twitter/blog/plurk/Myspace/Friendster URL: Twitter --http://twitter.com/teriyaki18...MySpace--http://www.myspace.com/teriyaki18

Name: Hahazzbaka
Site/Twitter/blog/plurk/Myspace/Friendster URL: TWITTER URL
This comment has been removed by the author.
Name: Sam


Thank you! And Jae/Gee told me to do this so I am doing it to support JAY!
And yes everything does happen for a reason!
Name: Hwang Jaemin
Site/Twitter/blog/plurk/Myspace/Friendster URL: Blog
Thanks heaps ^__^
Name: Jaelliex3

Site/Twitter/blog/plurk/Myspace/Friendster URL: http://geeisvipx3.blogspot.com
Name: Nana-Unnie of Dorkistic (^^")

Site URL -->

1) www.dorkistic-nana.blogspot.com

(T___T) Aja2!!
Name: Latienza (Lyselmae Atienza)
Site: http://untouchable-desires.blogspot.com/

It's not up yet but it WILL be up soon! :) Support Jay Park!
Name: Tiffany

Site/Twitter/blog/plurk/Myspace/Friendster URL:

` http://bestfran.blogspot.com/
Name: Sunni

site: http://twitter.com/SunniMi
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Name: MiMi

Site: http://twitter.com/PYoungMi

Thanks your sweet!
Name: Cho Fanna
Site: http://hanna-nanae.blogspot.com
NAme : Choi Fatone
Site URL : http://danfatone.blogspot.com
name: baracuda alert!

Site: http://satdieyatun.blogspot.com

jia y0u!

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