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Hi, instead of enjoying myself listening to GD's Heartbreaker, I'm sad to announce our 2nd RULEBREAKER.

Name : azn_sw3in
Site : http://smiles-lovel.co.nr, http://xjaophuonq.blogspot.com/
Reason for Blacklisting : Fail to credit DD for basecode.

Well, first, congrats for SSLL's comeback and with new layout. However, you guys failed to credit DD for using our basecode, and then proudly said that the coding is by you. Too bad that you guys didn't read our previous updates about the copyright issue. So, we;ve decided to blacklist you and your site from requesting again at Dokistic Design, and our affiliation will be terminated. Thank you for re-adding the credit section, but it's too late. We have to blacklist you anyway. You should be thankful that we didn't ask you to remove the coding straightaway. Good luck with your site, and wake up. Making your own coding is not easy. So you should be ashamed for crediting the basecode to yourself..

* Chazzie is fasting. She's trying very hard not to curse.
* Blacklist page will be up soon.

DATE: 8/22/2009 COMMENTS:
im so sorry someone stole from you! but good for you for putting then on your black-list thingy!!

anyway i have a new layout! please tell me what you think! thankz!

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