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Grand Opening!
Hi everyone! Welcome back to Dorkistic Design. After a very long hiatus, we're back with our 6th Edition in conjunction with the 3rd Anniversary! It has been 3 years! Thanks for your support, visits and request.. Keep on supporting us!

The new layout features TVXQ { DBSK/Tohoshinki }, a Korean group. It's a darker style of design with simpler graphics. I hope you like it! The navigation buttons are on the right side and feel free to check the contents in each sections.

The order is open now! Since I'm in a three months vacation, I'm expecting more order with a fast reply. Yeah, I shall finish your order earlier than the usual. That's the new policy lol! you can read more in the {Service Section} which covers our terms of services, rules and how to order.

Affiliation is also accepted. Just tell me in the Cbox and let me know your URL. I shall have a visit to your site and let you know either you're accepted or not, with 100% assurance of acceptance. I accept any types of websites {graphic/personal/blog/fansite/forum} with a G and U content =P.

What's new with the revamp? We have a more organized site, user friendly navigation and also more service. Besides graphics request, we are planning to offer website development/consultant for newbies who wants to build their own website. We will also have contests and music request. More info in the next update.. stay tune!

And last but not least, a very special offer : EXPRESS REQUEST !! This is a new graphic service offered by Dorkistic Design. What's it all about? Well, you can request graphic and receive your request in less than 15 minutes! It will only happen when I'm online and you requested via the Messenger. Do add me at Yahoo! Messenger : fai_roque09, MSN Messenger: mark_marque@hotmail.com and also Meebo : dylanfeehily and get requested!

I'll be online mostly everyday at either these times:
Between 7.30am - 10.00am
Between 8.30pm - 11.00pm

* This is Malaysian time. (+0800) Do check your local time.
* Terms and condition apply. Click Here
DATE:5/11/2008 TIME:{8:39 PM} COMMENTS:
I love your layout :}
Its like...omg :)
Thanks for the comment...
If you wnat you can enter my comp :)
Your design skills are great, and I need 5 entries before I can decide the winner :]
That was ha slight hint xD
Lol :]
Hi Danii!

yeah, I'm working on the layout for your comp.. thanks for visiting my site!

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