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Hello..yeah, this is DORKISTIC! design..you're not lost. It's just that I've updated the blog with the new version and we have to delete the old layout. Since I still cannt figure out the soding, so this gonna be our page for a while before I put back McFly-themed layout. Enjoy those new contact tables!

DATE: 12/19/2006 COMMENTS:
i'm new with myspace.
so i'm totally lost about it.
i saw your blog on the McFLY Malaysian myspace. i suppose u know your way around.

1. HOW do i add the official McFLY
myspace ?

2. On the Malaysian McFLY street team myspace, i see 'official mcfly petition'. what do i do with those banners ?

I'm completely lost....

hello roxanne

1. just click 'add as friend' and if it requires u to put their email, here it is: mcflymalaysiastreetteam@hotmail.com

2. just copy the code, and put it in "about me" section. (click edit profile>click "about me") and the banner will be in your profile.

you can add me http://www.myspace.com/dylanfeehily and send me messages there if you still lost..
wait, so i put mcflymalaysiastreetteam@hotmail.com
for the email section if i wanna add the official McFLY myspace?
Isn't that for the Malaysian McFLY Street Team ?

yup.... still lost....

Is McFLY coming to Malaysia ??
i've heard rumours !!
geez..sorry, i misread your questions, well, you can just add them..no need of email addy or whatever..

the street team are working very hard to do promotions so that they can come to malaysia..just pray that they will do so this year!
hey ! can you do a blog layout for me please??
with McFLY in it ??
i can't get a proper one on blogskin.
their post box are too small!!
get back to me yeah ?
thanks !!
I can make one for you but it'll gonna take time..but if you want a simple one like the header on my blog for a while, then I think i can help you with it...

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