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New Layout

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Hello everyone! 

Dorkistic is back with a new layout for the christmas holidays, it's featuring TWICE and it's made by Nine. (She also made the icon of the left and it will be released soon)

The website has a new freebie gallery which has now stuff made by Chazzie and Nine, it really took a while to get it organized and it's not even done because a lot of stuff still needs to be added.

Also I'm sorry with slow responding in the cbox because it really took a lot of time to organize the website, so sorry for the delay in responding. 

I also have updated the affiliation list (www) and I want to say that it can take a while for you to appear on the list. We do our best to update it soon as possible but you know we have a life outside of this website. and on the bottom we have the elites listed, so if you don't see yourself there don't worry you are on the www page.

DATE: 12/05/2020 COMMENTS:

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