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Four years since their last visit, Rion Five is back in Solo City to join the 11th edition of Solo International Performing Arts (SIPA) Festival 2019. We were given a chance to have a quick interview with them. Let's check it out!

1. How do you feel to be here?
Minsung (MS): It was my first time in Indonesia, and I was happy to participate in such big event. I am thankful to be invited.
Yousung (YS): I think we were invited again because we worked hard during our first visit. It's worth it. It would be great if SIPA would invite us again for the third or fourth time...

2. What did you do for the past 2 days in Solo City?
We went to shopping malls and the shopping malls were quite similar with Korea. We went to KFC and Burger King as well. We went swimming since there's a swimming pool at the hotel.

3. Have you tried Indonesian food?
We tried the food served at the hotel. There were lots of chicken cuisine and our magnae (Youngjik) ate a lot.. almost four!

4. Have you tried Nasi Goreng (fried rice)?
We enjoyed eating Nasi Goreng like how we eat ramyeon.

5. As for Yousung, is there any plan to  be a Youtuber since you always upload videos on Youtube?
YS: One of the reason I do Vlog is to let people know about me and I want people to know about my group through my videos. I hope my group will do well.

6. What about other members?
MS: we are recording video with Yousung for his Vlog and little by little, maybe we will keep featuring in Yousung's video.
YS: We recorded our journey in Indonesia and will upload the Vlog when I am back in Korea.

7.  Please send a message to Rion Five fans
JW: I just joined the group as the new member, but I hope fans will look forward for me since I will work harder and please support me.
MS: I will try my best to show more. It would be great if you can show lots of support and please look forward to it.
YS: Although you are still supporting me until now, I hope you will keep loving me and show lots of love.
YH: I will show better image in the future. So I'd be thankful if you can keep supporting me.
YJ: This is my first time to be in a group so I hope you will show lots of interest and love.

Although it was a short interview with them, it was enough to see their determination to show their best to the fans. Despite having new members, they are all so talented and have a lot more to show. It was totally proven as they totally bring the whole stage down with very energetic performances and stage control at SIPA 2019.

We will look forward to see more of Rion Five and will bring their latest news to the fans out there!

Thank you so much to SIPA Committee who allows us to do the interview.

Check out our Instagram for the interview clips!

Check out some photo's from their performance at SIPA 2019 here.

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