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[FREEBIES] February Date Printable - SF9

The bullet journal community is becoming a hype these days, and there is a journaling style called "KPOPJOURNAL" growing bigger and bigger as there are more K-Pop fans joining the journaling community. Therefore, we are going to introduce a new section in our freebies page, which is the printables.

You can download and print out our freebies and use it in your planner or journal. Feel free to tag us on Instagram when you use them, and don't forget to tag #KPOPJOURNAL too, so we can find you.

Click the image to download the full size. You can download this on A5-size paper, and then you can cut each dates and use it for your daily journaling or planner. Happy planning and journaling~

* Do not remove the watermark
* This is intended for personal use only
* Do not share this outside the website. If you want to tell people about it, please share the link to our website instead


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