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Without any prior announcement, VAV (Very Awesome Voice) suddenly revealed via their official website that they are coming to Malaysia. Although with less than a month of announcement, VAV shows that they are not rookies when Vampz (fanclub name of VAV) crowded the venue just to meet their favourite boys. VAV whom consists of St.Van, Baron, ACE, Ayno, Jacob, Lou and Ziu debuted in October and they have been in Malaysia before to record their TV Show in Penang, ahead of their debut date. They currently are preparing for their comeback with the song title, She's Mine. 

They kicked off the stage with their song Venus, followed by their self introduction. Apart from Venus, they also performed ABC and Flower. Vampz showed their strong fandom as they did a very clear fanchant throughout VAV's performances. No wonder VAV exclaimed that Malaysia is as hot as their fans. After the performances, VAV showed their individual talents which surely will make new fans fall in love with them, and they also gave out seven signed albums to fans during the Q&A session. 

Malaysian fans were surely lucky because they get to see VAV performing their comeback song, She's Mine, ahead of their comeback date which will be on November 2nd. With urban and sexy concept, She's Mine showcases VAV's more matured side, and even better stage presence. The seven members of VAV showed great chemistry with a tricky choreography and very charming dance moves. Hopefully they will come back to Malaysia again in the future!

DATE: 11/12/2017 COMMENTS:

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