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[RESOURCES] 12 Dark GrungyTextures

Hello everyone! It's been a while since we share our resources, so here we have 12 large textures which you can use to edit your graphics. There are dark grungy textures which is suitable to be added on your blends or layouts. Click on the image for the full size, and do share with us the graphics you made using the textures. Below is the example of a wallpaper we made using the textures, and it's featuring the beautiful A-Pink Leader, Chorong. Have a great weekend!

12 Dark Grunge Textures


DATE: 7/29/2016 COMMENTS:
The textures look beautiful. A good job on making those. Have a good weekend. ^^
Love the textures! I made a wallpaper with them! http://image.prntscr.com/image/9b9967466687449784be3bb593e4dff9.png
[PIM] Thanks~ hope it is useful to you too =)
[MIREU] Uwah, it's so cool and it's featuring JUNHO! man, I am so weak when it comes to junjun brothers they are my 2PM bias XD
Whoah! These textures are gorgeous :D I'm definitely going to try these out and make something :)

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