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[08062016] Back on Track

Hello everyone! Sorry for the MIA. We have been busy with our real life careers that we hardly got time to update the site. Our apologies once again, and to those who wish us Happy Anniversary, thank you so much! Yeah, it was our 10th Anniversary on May 17th but we didn't get to celebrate it in a grand way unlike our 5th and 8th XD

Anyway, we are back with a new layout and this time it is featuring U-Kiss, whom is back with their 11th Mini Album. They just released their super awesome MV yesterday for their title track, Stalker. For the fans who are waiting for their Korean comeback, this is like a trip down to memory lane because it is musically portrays U-Kiss characters and musical styles, since their debut. With this MV release, we would like to congratulate Eli for being a father on the same day of their comeback!

We are sorting a lot of stuff here on the site, so please bear with us, if we forgot to add you in our affie list, or if we haven't visited your page for a while. Here is what you can expect in this update:

In the mean time, check out U-Kiss new MV, Stalker and tell us what you think!

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