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[VIDEO] Z-Star News Reveals Zest's New Members' Talents Through Special Episode

Zest: Yeho, Seunghoon, Shin, Kogun and Shun

Seems like Zest is going to meet their fans real soon! After greeting the fans with two new members, Zest appeared as full line-up in a special episode of Z-Star News, the weekly entertainment news show hosted by Zest members, Yeho, Shin and Shun. The special episode lets the fan to know more about the new members, Kogun and Seunghoon as they introduced themselves and show off their singing and rap talents for the first time. They also shared their impressions towards the original members and you can see that all five members are enjoying themselves, talking to each other, asking  questions to the new members.

Towards the end of the show, Zest challenge their teamwork and also the new members' dancing skill through Random Play Dance, where they have to dance through Zest's song playlist which is played at random parts. Do they manage to clear all the songs' choreography? Who would do the most mistakes? Watch the full episode below, and don't forget to comment and share your thoughts.

DATE: 2/13/2016 COMMENTS:

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