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[UPDATE] November Layout
Good day, everyone! Deep apology for super lack of update. The crews are pretty much caught up with real-life career. But then, here's our November layout, featuring Vixx who just had their comeback a few days ago with the title song, Chained Up. With yet another interesting concept, they caught attention and climb up the chart rapidly. Perhaps we would see them scoring Number 1 in music shows in a few days? And for those who just visited, this is the 5th layout that we featured Vixx on our website - biased? Nah, they just look good on the header haha~ Anyway, not much of updates this time, as the layout are also of the same template as the previous one, except for the header and colour. I hope you guys still like it. And I will spend some times today rearranging and reorganising the affiliation page, and also affie section at the bottom. If you want to be affies, just let me know on the CBox, although I got a few "rules" on accepting you XD

Expect a few stuff in the next update including:

  • Vixx Icons and Wallpapers
  • Xmas Premades (just USD0.50
  • HTML Layout freebies
  • Texture Packs
And let me know if you want anything else, and I will make them ^^ Again, I hope you like the layout, and enjoy Saturday! Check out Vixx's new MV, Chained Up

Oh, and do check out Icon Contest hosted by Star Drops! With the theme Frosted, I am sure you get so many inspirations on how to create one single icons with the theme. So, why don't you guys join and have fun! and, the prizes are quite tempting too XD Click the banner below and enter now!


DATE:11/14/2015 TIME:{5:04 PM} COMMENTS:
I love the VIXX lsyout! and yes you are to biased with VIXX XD but i can't blame you they look way to good.

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