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[UPDATE] New Layout for October

Hello everyone! It is now mid-October, and we have a new layout, featuring the sweet girls of A-Pink ^^ There is no Revamp for this layout change tho, except for changing the layout into a simple and clean version. Here are some updates along with the layout change:

Hope you like the layout and do drop us a message or two on the comment section or on the Cbox and tell us what you think about the new layout ^^ Coming up, new layout for our WebShop and Tumblr page!


DATE: 10/17/2015 COMMENTS:
Hi Chazz. i love your layout look as well it looks amazing! just totally stunning. thanks for stopping by and leaving a kind comment. i was hoping people would like the new look. anywhosies, you have a good weekend as well hun! take care x
as always the layout looks good

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