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FREEBIES: 80 Icons of Various idols

Hello Dorkies, it has been a while since we do our updates. We apologise for that. For today's update, we have not 10 but 80 icons featuring various idols, which mostly having a comeback recently. The icons are 100x100 so it is suitable to be used in your blog or forum to show your support to your idols. If you have any idols you want us to turn into icons, just let us know ^^

Here is the preview of the icons, and you can click on the name of the idols in the list and you will be directed to the icons page.

+ 24K |VIEW|
+ ToppDogg |VIEW|
+ Taeyeon |VIEW|
+ Up10tion |VIEW|
+ Got7 |VIEW|

DATE: 10/12/2015 COMMENTS:

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