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A few days after the announcement of a K-Pop group, HIGH4 to come to Malaysia, not many mainstream K-Pop fans know about them. However, after a three days showcase and a celebration party, I am sure HIGH4 has gained double, if not triple the number of Malaysian fans. It is all thanks to their amazing performances and fans interactions. Consists of four members Sunggu (Leader), Alex, Myunghan and Youngjun, they spent the weekend in Malaysia with HIGH5 (fanclub name for High4) in a series of up close and personal showcases in Seremban and Kuala Lumpur.

Press Conference

Arriving Malaysia on the 3rd of September, with a group of fans waiting at the airport, High4 surely would have felt the love from Malaysian fans. They started off their schedule the next day, with the Press Conference being held at Neway KTV, One Utama and then they rushed off to Seremban for their First Showcase Tour at Seremban Prima. About 200 loyal fans were gathered at the venue and were seated at the VIP zone, and as the show started, the crowd double up to almost 500 audience from the passers by who stopped by to check out the group who performed a total of six songs that day. There were also game session with the fans as they play the guessing game and then some surprises including an early birthday celebration for one of the members, Alex. Fans got the chance to take group photos with the boys, and then getting their album signed by the members.

Rapper Line: Alex and Youngjun

Vocal Line: Myunghan and Sunggu

On Saturday, the boys appeared at ONFM for an interview session before going to the second venue which is The Summit USJ. After the event, they also had a charity performance in the evening at the Mega Star Arena. The final day of the event, which is Sunday, the event was held at Hartamas Shopping Centre where after being impressed with the performances of the previous appearance, more fans were coming all the way just to see the boys for the last time. That night, 100 fans were gathered together for a special Celebration Party where the fans get to interact with the boys in a closer interaction, while having fun watching videos sent by the fans for New Pro Star Contest.

Birthday Surprise for Alex

Throughout the showcase, they performed their singles including Bang Bang Bang, Baby Boy, True Love, Day By Bay and also a song that they collaborated with IU, Not Spring, Love or Cherry Blossom. They also performed their own rendition of English songs including Jason Mraz's I'm Yours. It is clearly seen that High4 has taken the local fans' heart by storm, due to their vocal ability and choreography. Despite some technical and audio problem, they managed to deliver an energetic performance, all sang live without any glitches. their charismatic gestures, and friendly smiles would surely be remembered by the fans and if they were to come again next time, it is of no surprise if the organiser needs an even bigger venue to accommodate all the fans.

A Thank You cupcake from the fans

Thank you HIGH4 for coming to Malaysia and thank you New Pro Star for your patronage and for inviting us to cover the event. Since we also prepared some project during the event, it is safe to say that our project is successfully done. Until the next event!

More photos will be uploaded at our Facebook page here


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