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[SHORT UPDATE] New Onliner and Some Freebies

Hello Dorkies~ A few more days before our crews fly to Indonesia to meet Rion Five who will be performing at Solo International Performing Arts Festival! They are busy preparing the fankits to be distributing on the event day. We have two new onliners, where one of it is a paid request, and another one is ordering the free package. Check out INX Malaysia, a Malaysian fanbase for a new and upcoming K-pop group, INX, and Target Malaysia, the Malaysian fanbase for Korean group called Target:

And we have a few more mobile phone wallpapers, which will be added to the previous batch. This time we have phone wallpapers featuring Red Velvet, who recently made a comeback with a song entitled Dumb Dumb, and also Zest - Z's wallpapers, to support their unit debut tomorrow!


DATE: 9/09/2015 COMMENTS:
bet you're having a blast there! Indonesia is def one country I would love to visit one day. Have fun there hun!

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