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22092015 - New Look for our Site!

Hello Dorkies! A very late at night update here at Dorkistic. As you can see, we are sporting a late-September layout. Sorry for very lack of updates, as we are a bit busy with our real-life career, as well as preparing for Eid this coming Thursday. Nonetheless, thank you for your constant visit to our page, and hopefully you would find graphics that you like/need and enjoy your visit here.

This new layout is a bit simple, with very basic colour schemes and it is featuring a rookie group, Lu:Kus who just released their comeback song called Beautiful. There are no sidebars, so you can find our sidebar content being separated into columns on top and bottom of the content area. We also added a few new sections, which are the LATEST GRAPHICS, where you can see marquee of our latest graphic additions there. Another new section is FANBASE PROMO, where every week we will put a banner of Fanbase whom we are affiliated with, and please show some support by visiting them and following them on Twitter and Facebook.

Do let us know what you think about this layout by writing a comment below, or dropping by our Chatbox

Good night!

Check out the audio version of Lu:Kus' Beautiful:


DATE: 9/22/2015 COMMENTS:
You have joined the no sidebar squad! (I don't necessarily know if there is a squad, but that sounded good).

I really like your new layout. I LOVE the colors and the brightness. :D I try to make bright things and then I open up photoshop and well... I happen. xD
Great layout! I love the colors and the organization. I hope you have a nice holiday.

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