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Okay I know the headline sounds lame, but, what do you guys think about the layout? I hope you like it. I think it looks simple and a bit messy XD That is why I hope the layout is looking just right, up there hahah~ Got7 is gaining lots of love with their latest comeback, Just Right, and I am sure many new fans are there too. We haven't been featuring Got7 on our layout even though we have been covering their events in Malaysia and Singapore, as well as making some highlights and graphics of their comeback before, so it just perhaps the best time to feature them on our layout to support Got7 and Just Right promotion.

Anyway, with the new layout, we will do affiliate check, and will go around asking other sites to be affiliated with us. If you have a graphic site or a fansite and you want to be affies with us, be our guest and let us know on the cbox!

Since this is a new layout, here are the sitemap, in case you got lost:

Until the next update!


DATE: 8/12/2015 COMMENTS:
Not sure if you still have a cbox, but I didn't know where it is. We are doing just great, thanks for asking. I'm practically in the home stretch of his arrival. Hope all it well and I love the love btw! I hope I can figure out colors soon for a new one a UB, but no luck.

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