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Hello everyone! Second post for today. I hope you like the layout freebies I posted this morning ^^ Anyway, as you can see on the title up there, Nine of WowBeat and I were talking last night, and we're kinda bored, so we decided to create something. But then, we have no idea on whom should we feature if we were to create any freebies. Therefore, we decided that each of us would suggest an idol each, and we will create a bunch of graphics using that idol's PNG. We will both upload it tomorrow, which is on Saturday. Graphics from both me and Nine will be featured in both sites and you guys are free to use them if you want to.

Curious on whom we're going to feature? Nine suggested Kwon Boa and I suggested Exo's Lay XD Come back here tomorrow to see the graphics. Good night!


DATE: 8/14/2015 COMMENTS:
So jelly about the meteor shower picture I wish I was able to catch it haha. I got tickets this morning to go see the Amity Affliction but it's not until October. Hope everything is going well for you. I love the new layout!

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