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Hello every one! Enjoying your wekeend?  ^^ Personally, it has been a very long week so I am excited for the weekend and I had fun despite I have to do some event coverage last Saturday. Anyway, Sorry for the lack of freebies. We have been busy keeping up with the upcoming events happening in Malaysia. As you can see, Jason Derulo will also be in Malaysia for MTV World Stage, and apart of that, there are a few K-Pop events coming up in September and October too.

Today I've been organising our layout section, and now, we have almost 100 free layouts which you can download and use on your website. There will be a few more coming up, as we received a few requests, asking for layouts that are minimalist and clean, for their personal blogs. Be on the lookout for that ^^

We also reopened our WEBSHOP, and we have a new layout for our webshop section. We offer cheap layout designs, and we are open for free request too! Click here to visit our webshop. 

Now, moving on to freebies. Today, we have two sets of Icon Textures for you. One is a lyric texture, based on LR's Beautiful Liar song, and another one is a colourful textures which you can use for anime and sitemodel's icons. Click the download link below to get it.

In case you haven't checked it, we  have two new affies!


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