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[ICONS] New Gallery Layout and 3 Icon Sets

14072015 - After having a new layout for our webpage, we also changed the layout for our icon's gallery, and it is now featuring SNSD's Tiffany. We are still adding the pages on the sidebar especially for the groups that we never make icons before. Along with the new layout, we also have three icon sets featuring CLC, Boys Republic and Bangtan Boys. They are all free for you to  use with terms and conditions apply.

Below is the preview of the icons and click the given link to download them:
Click here to download individual icons

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DATE: 7/14/2015 COMMENTS:
Beautiful! I love it, the header is clean and professional... I love the colors your chose.
I am loving the new layout! Super cute :D Green isn't really my color but it is totally working for this layout.

LOL I went by the main screen resolutions that my desktop showed. I am pretty sure 1366 was on there but wasn't a main one so I skipped over it! But I will definitely make that size available the next time I make some wallpapers and update the ones I have then.
Thank you very much :)

Your Layout is also very nice :) *love k and j pop alot :D *

bye bye
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