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[UPDATE] New Layout!

Happy weekend, everyone! So after using Monsta X layout for quite a while, it's time for a new look, and after so much contemplation, we decided to feature Vixx leader, N! His birthday is coming and so we would like to feature him on our layout and following him, we will have other members of Vixx coming up on our layout next! Hope you guys will like the layout, and do check out our recently uploaded Blogger layout freebies, as well as BTOB icons (view here).

Layout #61
If you want to order custom design for your website, just click on WEBSHOP and place your order now ^^ We are still working on the mobile version of our layout for those who view it via mobile phone. Hope it will be ready soon for easy viewing by mobile users. Have a nice day!



DATE: 6/27/2015 COMMENTS:
This layout is beautiful! You did a fantastic job. :D
I love it! The colors are beaufitul, your an amazing graphic designer. I love the various shades of blue.
This layout looks amazing, I am seriously in love with it. & to Chazzie, thank you so much and I hope to have another updated posted in a week.

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