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The annual Putrajaya Youth Festival or Festival Belia Putrajaya is back and looking at the official website, there are tonnes of activities where you can have fun and enjoy yourself while gaining something too! Festival Belia Putrajaya's theme for 2015 is all about "Showcase of Talent", which coincides with Rakan Muda's new philosophy to facilitate talent development for the youth.

This year also marks the exciting beginning of Festival Belia being fully run by Rakan Muda. To kick things up for you, we have some of Malaysia's best talents being featured at Festival Belia 2015 as Rakan Muda Mentors.

The festival will be held for three days, from 22nd of May until 24 of May. There are booths, performance night, roadshows and many other activities especially planned for the youngsters. Previously called Hari Belia Putrajaya, the organiser brought in U-Kiss, Teen Top and Dal Shabet to perform at the main stage in 2013. However, this year, they are showcasing local talented artists to grace the stage, which you should come and watch to be impressed.

We will be bringing you updates and photos furing the festival. Those who are near, don't forget to go and check them out!

Visit the official website or their Facebook for more information


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