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[FREEBIES] 3 Blogger Layout

Today, we have 3 new Blogger layouts for you to use! The layout link will be put here, instead of in the LAYOUT section because we are still rearranging the layout section first. Moreover, we are trying to design something else too, not only K-Pop idols, and as you can see, one of the layout is featuring a sitemodel. SiteModel is like the ulzzangs in Korea and they will upload their photos and those who have websites can feature them on their layouts or graphics.

For today, we have a layout featuring a sitemodel, an anime, and two Korean layouts which are Seo Kangjun and EXID. Click the image to preview and download via blogskins ^^


DATE: 3/10/2015 COMMENTS:
i'd love to be affies. ill ad you soon. trying to figure out a new layout

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