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[WRITE-UP] B1A4 and BANAs Meet Again in a Special Fanmeeting

20150110 - After a 2-year absence, B1A4 comes back with “Let’s Fly with B1A4 and Acer” here in Malaysia! Organized by TGM events and sponsored by Acer Malaysia, the event was held on the 10th of January 2015 at KL Live. Starting a little late than the stipulated 6.oopm, the event was helmed by the mc of the day, Bernard Hiew.

Kick-starting the exciting event with fan cheers, leading it into the first opening stage by the boys with their debut single ‘OK’. Followed by Beautiful Target, B1A4 then proceeded into self-introduction and a little fan-chat.The quintet consisted of 5 members: Jinyoung (the leader), CNU, Sandeul, Baro and Gongchan. CNU was the first one to introduce himself in English with ‘Hello, I’m CNU!’ Baro attempted his introduction in Malay and made a cute little mistake by saying ‘Nama kaya Baro!’ instead of ‘Nama saya Baro! (My name is Baro!). Correcting himself afterwards, his Malay introduction was then continued by the rest of the members.

Donning a smart but casual outfit of suits of striped white jackets and black pants with white undershirts and black ties, they greeted the fans by thankfully expressing their gratitude for being able to perform here again after a long absence. Sandeul thoughtfully expressed his concern of the flood situation that has been hitting Malaysia recently, and hoping that the fans are all right.B1A4 then resumed their stage by performing a song famous for its handkerchief dance ‘Lonely’ and another song ‘If’, slower one than those of the opening, showcasing their vocal capabilities and bringing the fans along into the songs’ sweet mellow melody.

The highlight of the day is the fan interaction session, of which 5 lucky winners were selected from the questions and wishes on the post-it notes they pasted on a board before entering the showcase’s hall. Sandeul was asked to re-enact a scene from the musical ‘All Shook Up’ that he starred in. Initially embarrassed, he cheerfully did a reenactment of the famous hip twist of Elvis Presley, twice! Jinyoung was requested to do the aegyo ‘ppuing ppuing’ and he cutely did so with an extra of beatboxing, while Baro got his fan’s birthday wish fulfilled by singing her the birthday song with the fans in the hall singing along together.

After a round of game of parodying scenes from k-drama, the Korean lady whose daughter fulfilled her birthday wish to meet her favourite member, CNU, was selected as the winner through the fans’ cheers and applause. After the exciting fan interaction, the boys then continue their stage, singing ‘Pretty’ and songs from their latest album released in the summer, ‘Solo Day’ and ‘A Glass of Water’. After a little breather and commentary session, they continued singing with ‘What’s Happening’ and ‘Baby Goodnight’.

The event was then proceeding to a hi-touch session with the VVIP ticket holders and an encore stage, closing the night with ‘You are My Girl’.

Baro revealed that they are now in the preparation of a new album! They thank the fans for their loyalty throughout the 4 years of their career, stating that their support is the best. Noting that it is nice to spend the New Year with the fans, they make a promise to come here again. The night ends like a refreshing summer day, just like B1A4’s cheerful and sweet songs.

A huge thanks to TGM Events for the invitation!
More photos CLICK HERE

Written By: Dalla Hanna
Photos By: ChocoJung

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