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[UPDATE] New Look and updates

Hello everyone! I'm sorry for not updating much XD We finally have a whole new layout and this time it is featuring Bangtan Boys! I hope you like it. Dorkistic is now on REVAMP mode, where some pages might not work at the moment. Here are a few updates that you guys might want to check for the time being. You can also check our weekly update list on the sidebar. I hope you like the layout ^^ Please tell us what you think by sending us messages to our chatbox =) happy weekend!


DATE: 2/15/2015 COMMENTS:
I don't known anything about J- and K-Pop, but your layouts make me feel like starting to learn. :)
thank you hahaha i really love your homepage man your designs are so amazing!! i remember that one of my old layout was inspired by you hahaha
and the yehet.me domain is also owned by me but i use it for my personal tumblr ^^

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