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[WRITEUP] Vixx Celebrates New Year with Starlights in Thailand

150104 – Kicking up the new year of 2015 with the first event ever, Dorkistic crews are now extended to the neighbouring country which is none other than City Of Angels, Bangkok. As delight to the Siamese Starlights, VIXX has once again visited them in Bangkok after their last visit in 2013 with the refreshing fan party concept that is full of surprise and excitement as VIXX has so many things to show out of their sleeves. Opening the evening with VCR video of the boys looking dramatic as usual they hit the stage first with their latest chart topper, Error. Their perfect cyborg-like dance that depicts the broken-hearted man who has turn into pieces of immortal robot for his loved one leaves the audience enticed and glued to the boys anticipating for more. As if the starter is not strong enough of a track they then continue with the first chart-topper release which is Voodoo Doll. The boys who are well-known for their extensive concept deliver their unique and exquisite choreography as if to submit their devotion towards their fans. They then greet everyone for the evening with their earnest signature introduction and the member Ken already picks up some Siamese to show off to their fans.

The night continues to shine as they moved on to yet another heart full concept of their title track this time with time travel concept they delivered through Eternity. Moving on, they even performed their never-before-seen performances which are zombie-like Secret Night and enigmatic Beautiful Killer. Lucky Starlights are lucky since they can only witness the awesomeness of Ravi’s self-written song and elaborate dance routine only during fan meetings in held in both Japan and Korea. In within a VCR showing fluffy yet melodramatic scenes with members in it they once again hit the stage but this time with a slightly toned down which are Blue Blossom and Only You. Inspired by 90’s music beats Blue Blossom showed off each members abilities to sing ballads live and the audience were also mesmerized by their live serenade of Only You as if they can picture the scenic view of Stockholm in which the MV were filmed.

The memorable night carries on to the game session. During the game they play something where they have to close (?) a finger in given situation and criteria. The criteria were chosen by the members through selection of letters. Each member will choose one letter each on the screen. At the end of the game, the person to fit into the most criteria has to be punished. The first criterion is 93-liner (Ravi and Hongbin) has to close one finger followed by who eats the fastest in which Ravi is pointed by other members. The third one is who is sporting golden hair right now – again Ravi has to close yet another finger and the last one before the MC declares the loser is who is the rapper of the group (obviously) Ravi however he claimed that he is the main vocal and pointed at Ken instead as being a rapper (not gonna work Ravi). Unfortunately (fortunately I must say) Ravi fits the most criteria and has to undergo punishment – sexy dancing.

Complaining that everyone seems to gang-up on him, Ravi showed off his smooth sexy dance that keep everyone’s jaw hanging loose. Dragging down everyone down the drain, he insisted on bonus round and this time Leo is the one who have to dance sexily (yay!). He came forward and starts to move (literally) timidly to the beat gaining the groove before Hyuk to his shock creep from his back and hold both of his hands, helping him to dance sexily. The audience roared with excitement and laughter to the incident ( sorry Leo) before N saved the stage by dancing another round of booty-sexy dance with Ken.


To cool down the atmosphere, the clip of Hyde music video is shown however the Starlights who are full with adrenaline are eager to get them back to stage. Upon returning to the stage VIXX has once again shake off the roof of the hall by performing remix version of On & On followed by the song from their first mini album, Light up the Darkness with extended choreography. Continue on, they reminisce to their rookie era with bubbly Rock Your Body before going backstage. Emerged on stage in the midst of fans chanting encore, they are now donning beige-coloured knitted with golden studs details to perform their Hyde counterpart – G.R.8.U. Last song of the night -- From Now On You’re My Girl the members are now bringing with them a basket full of heart-shaped red ball with their respective signatures on it. Teasing and giving their fans away with the balls, they closed the night with hopeful and cheerful notes even promised their lovely Starlights to come again in the future before proceeding to the high-touch session for the VIP tickets holder. Thanks to the boys for eventful and unforgettable evening!

Thanks to N Team for inviting us to such an amazing event starter of 2015!
For more photos, CLICK HERE

Written By: JungPa
Photography By: VPie


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