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[WRITE-UP] K-Much Goes Beyond the Ocean and Awes Malaysian Fans

Although many might not know about the existence of this group, K-Much has shown a great impact in the hearts of Malaysian fans when then came for a one-week visit to Malaysia in Mid-January. Consisting of four members, G.Low, Kiu, Ato and Bornus, they were surprised with the warm welcome by the fans at the airport, which gives them more confidence in doing their promo tour in two venues, Mahkota Parade, Malacca and The Quill City Mall, Kuala Lumpur.

Debuted earlier in 2014, they introduced themselves with the song entitled Ready To Go, which then became the first song they performed during the showcase. In no time, fans and passers-by were awed not only by their synchronisation - obviously one of the quality a K-Idols should have, but also their ability to sing that upbeat song live, flawlessly. Their friendly gestures when introducing themselves also made the emcee for the event, Belinda excited.

When being asked about their feelings to be in Malaysia, they were excited to visit Pasar Malam (Night Market) and try out our local food including dried squid, and home-made icecream. The never-ending screamings of Malaysian fans also left them a strong impression towards Malaysia. And then there is also questions on the idols whom they idolise and want to work with, and their answers including Li'l Wayne, Sunmi and G-Dragon. They also showed off their Bahasa Melayu skills by saying Aku Cinta Padamu, Terima Kasih, Apa Khabar, and even simple words like kereta, makan and many more. One week of stay here really makes them sound Malaysian!

Apart from Ready To Go, they also performed What Should I Do and I'm Sorry, where again, they proved that they are another group which we should set our eyes on this year with their strong vocal ability and dance skills.

Fans were also left with fun memories when there is a game session, which is the infamous Game of Charade where each member gets to choose a fan to partner with and to play games with them. Winning fans received polaroids and a group photo with the boys.

To add with them performing their own songs, they also did a special stage, which is a bit different than the other groups before, where they first have one-man performance by Bornus whom dancing to his idol, Sunmi's 24Hours, and then joining him on stage, Ato, where both of them showed a great chemistry in performing Sofa. Later on, they were joined by Kiu and G.Low for the finale of Gangnam Style which brought the fans to dance and sing along to that hit song of 2013.

As a surprise, the boys were presented a cake by Singaporean Fanclub (in Malacca) and by Malaysian Fanclub (in Kuala Lumpur) as a belated celebration of their 1 Year Anniversary which supposed to be on the 7th.

Before saying goodbye to fans, the members expressed their gratitude for the fans who are coming all the way to the venue, including fans from Singapore and Indonesia, and G.Low reminded the fans to follow them on their SNS accounts and to wait for their comeback soon. 

The two-hour event in both venues were then wrapped up by a celebration party at Silka Hotel where fans who bought the passes, and the winners of photo and video contest get to sit down and have a closer interaction with the members, who shared about their memories here in Malaysia. 

Kudos to New Pro Star for introducing K-Much to Malaysian fans, and to invite us to the event.

Photos from Mahkota Parade: CLICK HERE
Photos from Quill City Mall: CLICK HERE


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