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[TOPPDOGGinMY] Topp Dogg - A Klass of Its Own

141207 - Having twelve members on stage would surely be a bit too crowded but at the same time you can't help but to get the overwhelming feelings while looking at them. Perhaps that's the best way to describe today's Topp Dogg First Showcase in Malaysia 2014. Having fans coming as early as 9 in the morning, it wasn't long until the venue was packed with waiting fans, including those from the Philippines, Korea, Japan and Singapore.


Kicking off the stage at 12.45noon, they performed Say It and Open The Door before moving on to talk session. Here, the boys shows off their Aegyo skills, abs, and even dancing to Sista's Touch My Body which made the fans screams to excitement. They also played some games with lucky fans. They later on continued the performance with the song Aro, Arario and Top Dog. And then three lucky fans were brought to stage to dance along where the winner gets to have her wish granted. It was a touching moment because instead of getting a wish for herself, she asked the member to hug her friend instead. There were also VCR being shown, where the boys were playing pranks with each other while waking up in the morning.

Moving on, there's a special performance by the Wizard line - Hojoon, Bjoo, Hansol and Xero where awed the audience with their dancing skill, before being joined by other members for the next stage, Peekaboo. Afterwards, Kidoh took over the stage for his solo performance, which turned out to be a cue for his surprise birthday party! Being part of the project, Dorkistic is proud to see the project is successful. The members and fans sang birthday song and he promised that he will work hard for their future albums.

For the next performance, they are bringing back the 90's, wearing basketball jerseys, and performing Annie. It was indeed an enchanting stage, with the props and even the fire effect. They bid goodbye afterwards, but of course, the fans are shouting Encore, so they returned back on stage for the last song. The fans get to high five with the boys as they went down on stage to be closer to the fans, making it a special moment for Topp Klass. Before saying goodbye, the boys said that they felt bad for not coming to Malaysia earlier, and they promise to come back again next time.


Later on, the fansign session started and you can see how the boys interact well with the fans, taking some times to greet and high five each of the fans who went on stage for the signing session. At the end of the signing session, again, Topp Dogg bid goodbye to the fans. As the event ended, the fans waited outside the hall, to catch a glimpse of the boy before going home. 

Thus, Topp Dogg First Showcase in Malaysia wraps up this year's K-Pop event, and thank you to Jazzy Group for bringing Topp Dogg to Malaysia and to have a memorable event at the end of the year will surely be the best moments for K-Pop fans especially Topp Klass.

Big thanks to Jazzy Group for inviting us to the event!


Photography by JungPa

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