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On the 18th of June 2014, The BOSS 1st Showcase in Malaysia press conference was held at Neway Casa Square, Puchong. The BOSS or DaeGukNamAh (DGNA) is a 5-member group which consist of Mika (24), Karam (23), Hyunmin (23), Injun (22) and Jay (20). The QandA session is started right after the boys greeted the members of media.

Q: Can you name some of the Malaysian food that you’re going to try in the future?
Hyunmin: I like…ais kacang, nasi lemak…and satay. I like satay. Chicken satay.
Q: do you like any kind of meat like lamb or…
Hyunmin: I like everything!
Q: You guys have learnt few Malay languages to greet the fans. Would youlike to show the media friends what you have learnt?
Jay: Kamu cantik (you’re pretty). Is that correct?
MC: Yes, that’s correct.
Jay: I have another one, Kamu sangat cantik (you’re really pretty).
MC: OK. One more…
Jay: Sate (Satay)
Karam: Saya nak kencing (I want to pee)… //Karam being dorky here//

Q: Who do you think is the most talented or the cleverest among The BOSS members?
Hyunmin: It’s me because I have big head.
Karam: Big brain…
Hyunmin: Yeah, brain is big.
Karam: When I met him for the first time, I think he’s different from othersand feels very strange. But now I know that he’s a genius. He composes lot of music and when I listen to his songs, it’s really good.
Hyunmin: Yeah, because I have big head.

Q: Who has the most fans among you guys? //everyone pointed at Karam but Karam denied//
Hyunmin: //raised his hand// it’s me…
Karam: Because he’s big head.
Hyunmin: we can prove it here who has the most fans

To prove that which member is the most popular, the MC asked each member to introduce themselves individually and try to get applause from media friends. Jay who introduced himself and said “I love you” got the loudest cheers. Hyunmin who doesn’t want to lose, sang the chorus part of their song, Lady and asked all media friends to applause for him. Ended up Hyunmin become the most popular member of DGNA.

When being asked about their talent, Karam said he can imitate dog voices (baby dog, 20 years old dog, and old dog) and of course Karam gave all the media friends a big laughter as we can’t differentiate the dog vooices. DGNA individual talent show continued…Injun showing off his beat-box skill and definitely Injun’s beat-box beats Karam’s dog voice! DD noticed that Injun’s beat box skill has improved a lot! Good job,Injun! Lastly, Jay amazed the media friends with his dance skill. As expected from Star King's  “poppin’ prodigy” and Jay proved that he’s the lead dancer of the group.

Q: If you want to do collaboration with other artists, who would you like tocollaborate with?
Karam: In Korea, there’s a famous ballad singer who is also our senior,
Hyunmin: For me, I would like to collaborate with Malaysian singer, Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza. *Jo Sungmo and DGNA are under the same company.

Q: Is there anything that you would like to achieve or what are your expectations for the upcoming showcases?
Injun: Since this is our first showcase in Malaysia, firstly we want to perform our songs that our fans really want to listen to. Secondly, we want to communicate with the fans much closer and in order to show many sides of DGNA as many as possible, we do the preparations for manytimes.

Q: What is your expectation on the Malaysian fans?
Injun: When we come here again next time, it would be good if the fans will also welcome us like the first time we come.

Q: If there is one thing about Korea that you would like to recommend to Malaysian fans, what would it be?
Hyunmin: Our next album.
Q: When will it be released?
Hyunmin: I don’t know.
Injun: Shinsa-dong, Garosu-gil.
Mika: Soju!

The press conference ended with a photography session with the sponsors and DGNA themselves.
Thank you NEWPROSTAR for inviting us.

Photographer: Phoebe
Writeup: Aya


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