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[270314] New layout, and a few updates

Hello Dorkies! How do you like the new layout? Excuse the simplicity. We have been using Vixx layout for quite a while, and it's time for a new look eh? I'm actually planning to feature some other group on the layout, and while I'm workingon that layout, I uploaded a temporary layout featuring Exo (again! sorry XD) I'm revamping a few stuff too and here's a few things you shall expect along with this new layout:

Along with this new layout, I also made a new blogskin featuring Exo's member, Tao. If you have any suggestion on who should we feature on our free blogskins, feel free to let us know in our CBox. Have a nice day!



DATE: 3/28/2014 COMMENTS:
Hey Chazz,
somehow my laptop seems to be a bit stupid and won't show me the shoutbox correctly so yeah...

Anyway I linked you too and can you do me a little favour and make a 88x31px button for your homepage? It looks a bit weird if there's suddenly a bigger button on the affiliate page...


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