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In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the layout that you have downloaded from our website. Once you downloaded it, you will receive a set of HTML coding in a Notepad (.txt). This tutorial is for those who are using the Blogger application for the first time. Feel free to ask in Cbox or comment on this post if you need further help.

Firstly, on your Blogger dashboard, click "TEMPLATE" from the drop-down menu.

In the TEMPLATE area, scroll down until you see "REVERT TO CLASSIC TEMPLATE". All our designs are using the classic template of Blogger. If you did not change this, the layout won't appear on your blog.

Once you click the REVERT TO CLASSIC TEMPLATE link, you will see an area full with HTML codes. Copy the code that you have downloaded, and then paste it on the Edit HTML area. Now you can edit the content of the sidebar there. However, be careful to not edit the other thing in the CSS except for the sidebar area. 

I hope this will help you and I hope you like the layouts that we made and use it well ^^


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