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[EVENT] Park Jungmin 1st Malaysia Showcase

Remember the cancelled Park Jungmin Event back in 2011? Well, now GreenPeas can rejoice because our Romeo, Park Jungmin is coming to Malaysia! Brought to you by New Pro Star and PMP Entertainment, Park Jungmin is coming to Malaysia for his first showcase. Using the concept "Romeo" like his Japanese debut, we can be sure to be entertained by this funny and easy-going idol. Park Jungmin came here to Malaysia in for Korean Music Wave (KMW) a few years ago, performing his first solo debut hits, and this time, the fans will get the chance to listen to more hits from him including Beautiful and Tonight's The Night.

Click on the poster above for more information on the ticket launch and the fansign event.

Event: Park Jungmin featuring ROMEO 1st Malaysia Showcase
Organizer: New Pro Star [Facebook] [Website]
Date: 13th October, 2013
Day: Saturday
Venue: Paradigm Mall


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