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[18082013] Freebies - Three new free layouts!

Hello Dorkies~ How are you doing? For those who are living in Malaysia, today is the end of the school holiday and we'll be back to school on Monday. Aww, come on, don't frown.. hahaha~ I myself have to go back to my workplace tomorrow morning. Anyway, I've uploaded three new free layouts to our blogskins. There will be 3 more coming in and I hope I can code them all by this week. For now we have Exo (for the third time in our collection!), Bangtan Boys, and Infinite, and coming up would be Ailee, Henry, F(x) and the boys from B.A.P! Click on the image to preview and download:

Happy Monday and have a nice week ahead!


DATE: 8/19/2013 COMMENTS:
Como faz para colocar o template no novo blogger? Dá esse erro
"Erro ao analisar XML, linha 82, coluna 10: The value of attribute "href" associated with an element type "a" must not contain the '<' character."
Hi Bella,
You have to "Revert to classic templates" first. To do so, click TEMPLATE and then browse down until you see "Revert to classic templates" and paste the downloaded code there ^^ hope it works =)


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