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Hi everyone! How do you like the new layout? Some of you might have seen the preview last night, and finally I get to finish coding it. Literally, it took me about 9 hours to design and code this layout, simply because I didn't make any outline or sketch before making it. This time, we are featuring A-Prince as a special edition because the boys are coming to Singapore this weekend for a showcase! There are a few re-arranged content in this site too. Here are what's new with the new layout:

1. Now you can track the upcoming events on the right sidebar. Just hover the date and you can see what event is there. We divided the dates into Malaysia and Singapore events, and hopefully we can add other countries in the future, if we get invited to cover the events there ^^ If we have dates and events missing, feel free to send us message on our CBox and we will add the dates on the boxes.
2. Latest Designs made by our designers (as well as our contributors) will be updated here, along with the link to upload the layout. Sometimes it will bring you to Mediafire download, and sometimes the layouts are hosted at Blogskins.com and you can download it from there.
3. We also have an advertisement section. If you want your site to be there, just email us with a 180x50 banner so we can put your banner and link there. It's free ^^

I hope you like the layout, and do share our website with your friends. We are changing our layout super very soon! (hint: next week)!

In the mean time, click here if you haven't bought the ticket to see A-Prince Showcase in Singapore ^^

DATE: 5/14/2013 COMMENTS:

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