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19012013 - Three new layouts

Hello everyone! How are you doing? We're sorry for not updating for quite a while. How's life? Are you guys enjoying the Golden Disk Award? It is now streaming via JTBC channel. It's been a while since we uploaded new stuff, right? Well, fret not, today, we have three new layouts for you to use, which are featuring FT Island, Big Bang's TOP and SNSD's Yoona! There are so many comebacks as well that it is hard for us to keep up. I hope you like the layouts, and if you use it, do let us know because we would love to visit your blog ^^ So far, there hasn't been upcoming event here in Malaysia, except a few rumours and unofficial news. No worries, we will keep you updated especially via our Facebook and Twitter. There are still a few more layouts to upload including Infinite, Infinite H, Vixx, and A-Pink, so stay tuned!

Click here to see the new layouts. It's at the bottom of the page.

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