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03012013 - We Want You!

Hello Dorkies! It's not too late to wish you a Happy New Year! We wish you all the best for the coming years, and may all your dreams come true! This year will be Dorkistic's 7th year being online, and we have something special to prepare in February. We want YOU to be on our layout! Yes,  YOU. For our February layout, we will be featuring a compilation of photos of our beloved friends and visitors to show our gratitude for your support towards us. Interested? Here's how to be on  our February layout:

  • You must be our follower on Facebook and Twitter
  • Email us a photo of YOU posing with your Idols. As you know, for the past few years, many idols have visited countries outside Korea and surely some of you are lucky enough to take photos with your idols. It must be a solo photo. Not a group photo with hundred other fans. It must be YOU and YOUR IDOL. Do not crop your photo from a group photo please~
  • Email us your photo with the subject "February Layout" and provide us your FB and Twitter Usernames too.
  • Here are the examples of the photos : HERE Browse down the album and you can see fans's photo with Nu'Est on stage (credit to RhythmLand)
  • It can be Korean idols or other Korean celebrities too~ 
  • We will contact you and ask your permission once we accept your photo.
The more people to join, the merrier. So, do let your friends know about it and this will be the first time in 7 year, we are featuring photos of fans with their idols. Nope... NONE of us have our photo taken with the idols.. so you are the lucky ones to be featured on our layout ^^ If you have question, feel free to ask us here or on Facebook or Twitter.

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