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[ UPDATE ] Fan Event -- Idol Countdown

Hello Dorkies! Are you enjoying your weekend? It was surely a tiring one, especially for those who went to all the three events - KPop Ignite Charity Concert, Tim Hwang Showcase and 2AM The Way of Love Concert. I'm sure you are enjoying every moments you had with the idols ^^ Dorkistic.Net was given a chance to cover the K-Pop Ignite Charity Concert and Tim Hwang's Showcase. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for the photos! And~ the upcoming event would be the 2012 Asia Super Showcase featuring Super Junior M, Exo M and BTOB, as well as Nu'est's Face to Face Fanmeeting. Are you going for both? So, it's December and it always reminds me of Xmas, and Xmas means lots of gifts! With that, shall we have a mini event?

Us Dorkistic.Net's crews are excited to meet all the idols we are meeting on the 11th and 15th of December. With that, we shall do the countdown of both events together with you. Starting from today until the event day, we will upload a bunch of graphics featuring the four idol groups, Super Junior M, Exo M, BTOB and Nu'Est in random order. You are free to use them on your site, Facebook or Twitter to show your support to the boys too. There will be Facebook Timeline Header, Icons, Twitter Backgrounds and Twitter headers available for you to download. We will announce on Facebook and Twitter whenever we upload the graphics. It would be awesome if you can share them with your friends too!

This event will start on the 3rd of December. Just stay tuned because I will let you know once I uploaded the first batch. One of the previews is as what you can see on Dorkistic.Net's latest Facebook Timeline Cover. See you soon!

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