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Happy Xmas~!

Greetings, Dorkies! How are you doing? Guess you are home enjoying your eve, or at least watching all the holiday movies on TV. It's not to late to wish everyone a Happy Xmas and may you have a good time with your beloved families and friends. How do you like the new layout? Teehee~ we are just still having the withdrawal for Nu'Est fanmeeting and the fact that their collaboration with Orange Caramel is just too cute ^^ It looks too rushed tho. Stay tuned because tomorrow, we are announcing something. A chance for you to be on our 2013 layout. Yes... we want to feature our friends who have been supporting us for this six years. How to be our star? Wait for our announcement tomorrow ~ In the mean time, enjoy the song from Orange Caramel and Nu'Est !

DATE: 12/25/2012 COMMENTS:

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