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[UPDATE] Vixx Rocks our new Look!

Hello Dorkies! Surprised? How are you doing? It's past midnight and it's Sunday! Well, finally, after using the same old layout for four months, we are back with a fresh new look featuring six awesome boys of Vixx. There's nothing special about this layout because we're keeping it simple, and we are focusing on the content, and for easy loading. It took two hours for the overall process from deciding the picture, colours, designing the layout, coding and finally putting it up online. How do you like the layout? Please share your thoughts by commenting on this post or clicking the "chat" button up there. For the past few weeks, Dorkistic.Net has officially emerged into another level, where, apart from providing quality designs, we will also be your media partner, delivering fresh news and quality photos of K-Pop related events held in Malaysia. As we all know, all the crews are huge fans of Korean music, and we have been doing lots of fan projects before. So, it's time to pay back to our visitors and friends who have been a huge support to us by providing quality photos of the events. Thank you for all your support thus far, and please keep on supporting us till the end!

So, back to business, along with this new look, there's a few updates as well:

Guess that's all for now. We'll be back with more news and upcoming event, as well as a few new designs are going to be uploaded tomorrow... stay tuned!

DATE: 11/18/2012 COMMENTS:
I am loving the new layout on this site! I love how you blended everything together so well and the social media icons within the header is so fitting!

Two hours for the overall process is really good. I usually take a lot longer when it comes to making layouts and I love to keep thing simple.

Good luck with delivering the fresh news of kpop! :)

You have a lot of updates going on and I wish you the best :).

I always thought places decorates for the holidays for business purposes. I haven't been to Universals Studio Hollywood in 3 years! For sure, they always decorate according to the season. Did you see the Grinch show?

Hope you did well with those examinations!

It feels pretty good to vote for the president of the United States. Not only you're exercising your right, you're making a difference as a whole :). Even though people say that votes don't matter, it really do.

Take care :)

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