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[UPCOMING] Ready to Face some real Action?

The Pledis boys are coming! After a few teasers of videos and photos, RhythmLand, one of the leading event planning company in Malaysia has posted a new banner on their Facebook Timeline which says "Get ready to Action and Face them" which brought the fans of Nu'est into frenzy. RhythmLand, who successfully brought in the drama prince, Jang Geun Seuk last year totally knows how to drag their follows into coming to their event by bringing in Nu'est, a five-members boy group under the Pledis Label, which is also the same label as After School. Consists of Aron, Minhyun, JR, Baekho and Ren, the fans are now patiently waiting for the official release of the event. Until then, we shall keep you posted with the latest update on Nu'est. 

Be sure to follow RhythmLand's Facebook and Twitter and of course, ours too for latest update and announcement ^^


DATE: 11/07/2012 COMMENTS:

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