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22092012 - KARA'S PANDORA!

Hello everyone! how are you doing? It's finally Saturday! however, I have to go to school because we are having cross-country event in the morning =.= anyway, another update in September, Nana unnie has made five awesome layouts! featuring Kara and you can view and download them at the visitor's section. I also made a few layout which will be uploaded during the weekend. In a mean time, please visit NINECREATIVITY because they are accepting nomination for their annual designers award. I already nominated my favourite site and designer. You should nominate too! And yesterday, one of our layout, which is Exo M became the Site of The Month in Blogskins and I am very thankful and proud of it!

Here are the preview of Nana Unnie's Kara layout set:

And to celebrate U-Kiss' comeback, I made a set of wallpapers featuring them. I hope you like it! more members at my Deviantart

* soohyun wallpaper from Ninecreativity

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