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27082012 - Into Your World

I guess it's not too late to wish our Muslim visitors a Happy Eid!. I hope you are enjoying this blissful celebration and I myself enjoyed every moments of it. It's good to be home, although it means I need to be away from the computer XD The best thing about Eid is that you can see colours every where and it inspires me a lot in making new designs. I checked on the download statistics and I'm pretty happy with the download number even though it is not as many as before. To have people visiting my page every day is good enough to make me smile and give me strength to continue designing. I added three new layouts featuring B.A.P, Exo M and Big Bang. I'm pretty proud with this kind of design and coding style and I hope no one will steal the basecode XD So, which one is your favourite among three? Mine would be Big Bang ^^ As I'm posting this, I still have three more designs to add and I will inform you when I finished. On the other news, our affiliate, Marrione is back! you can visit them here and it's featuring the talented CN Blue! I am also adding new affies and elite sites. Do let me know if you want to be affies ^^

Want to see preview? here's one featuring Exo M!

And these are the sneakpeak of the upcoming free layout for you!

For those who wants the HTML or PHP version of the layout, you can email me and I will send you the code =)

Request are opening very soon! stay tuned ^^

p/s: Do you have anyone that you want us to feature on the layout? Let us know by commenting this post or in our CBox =)

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