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11082012 - Dorkistic.net : The Comeback

*test mic 1, 2, 3* -cough- Hello everybodyyyyy~! Do you still remember us? Dorkistic is finally back after hibernating for almost 4 months! We are sorry for our lack of updates and the revamp took so long that you don't even want to know what happened during the process. Around 4 or 5 layouts were rejected, and when I'm designing the final layout, the electric went off and I can't recover the whole design. So I have to design another one which is the one that you are seeing right now. I hope you like the design, and excuse the simplicity. For now, I can announce that we are back, but we are not accepting any layout request for now due to our real-life work. However, we will provide you with a bunch of free layouts. We are searching for more affiliates! drop us messages at the cbox and we will add you asap ^^ So, here's the update for today:

If you have requested but still haven't receive your layouts, please contact us via FORMSPRING or email us.

Have a great Saturday!

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